Duration: 1 hour
A Dancer, a Singer, a Guitar player (3 artists) (It could be possible to have one more dancer, guitar player or singer and two “palmeras”) 


Women have had a main role in the flamenco art because of her attitude, specific voice tone (from celestial high-pitched tones to weight metallic voices) . They are the object of inspiration for a wide range of singers and lyrics. It is important to point out women incredible and unique movements during flamenco dancing. On the other hand, playing guitar and percussion have been performance by men. There were, over the years, some women players. In this video, all the artists are women who bright because of her talent, beautiful, and performance. The flamenco language is historic, wide, sometimes modern, and it has equally gender lyrics with a wonderful unforgettable energy.

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“A woman whose next kind has died, has to face this harmful deal. The landscape and things around the scene show the world of the dead person creating an emotional maze where you have to find the scape”.

“In mouring” project is based on the five psychologic states which are proposed by the psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross (denial, anger, depression, negotiation and acceptance) and in the point of view of the anthropologist David Le Breton. He is part of a Strasburg University project in France and collaborates with the online world conferences project. He gives to these studies and students his artistic point of view.

The project has different porpoises: the performance (uncommon scenarios and scenography) and the theatrical work (investigating original an unique ways of dancing, silences, speaking, images…

Duration: 1 hour

A Dancer, a Singer, a Guitar player, a declaimer (It could be possible to have two “palmeras”).


Flamenco an poetry, have been linked for ages. There are plays which mix both disciplines and which have captivated their viewers. In this project poetry and flamenco are joined with a same majestic language. The peculiarity of this delicate and care performance is that the lyrics are original and that the poetry has a main role with high artistic label of dancing and music improvised. Some lyrics are declaimed and other are poetry sung. All of this creates a magic travel to our deepest emotions.

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