la que nacio de dia

Erika is a percussionist, dancer, flamenco teacher and creator.


Flamenco, originality, aesthetic, and musicality are the main key points in Erika´s dance projects.


Dancing is a necessary expression of ourself, body and mind. Flamenco brings us the chance to improve and work out in our mindset.


Flamenco training involves several disciplines such as theoretical music studies, guitar playing, percussion playing, flamenco and contemporary dancing, philosophy and theatre scene management.

“Flamenco is a continuous way of improving myself spirituality and a way of living it on the Earth”


About Erika

She is an art creator, dancer and musician by her nature. Her scenic language involves different aspect of her culture, her history DNA, life philosophy, intellectual interests and her wide life experiences. All of these, guide her to innovate some techniques, such as the simultaneous touching of the musical drawer and feet.

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